This page allows you to verify if your internet connection is appropriate for a smooth live streaming experience.

Click play on this video: if you can watch it, it means your connection is ok.

If you can’t watch the video, please check the following instructions:

  • It is recommended using Google Chrome with the newest update. Please note that the use of Internet Explorer and Safari is not recommended, as they are not reliable browsers for the Congress Platform.
  • Logging into your VPN when accessing the Congress Platform should be avoided, as this will slow down your bandwidth and impact the live streaming content.
  • Firewalls may limit the speed or block some connections. The server platforms, VOD and live streaming are accessible via standard ports 80 + 443 using HTTP/HTTPS/WSS protocols. Video stream is provided in HLS (Http Live Streaming).

If by following these instructions you are still unable to watch the video, we suggest to use a better Wi-Fi connection. We recommend to have a 5 – 10 MB/s connection speed for the live streamed videos to run smoothly. You can check your connection here (

Please note that live stream bandwidth is automatically adapted to user connectivity by the video player.